Maedeh B. Saaina (she/her)

Maedeh is an Iranian author, artist, writing mentor, editor, and university professor. She has a PhD in Water Science and Engineering, and starting at the age of twenty-seven, she has been one of the youngest university professors in Iran. Maedeh is a children’s book and young adult writer, and has been mentoring writers for years in classes and competitions. Together with her 2021 Co-Mentor Aty S. Behsam, she is working on the upcoming manga DARYAN, the novel DIME A DOZEN, and the comic WHITE SATIN. The two are also introducing Creative Writing major in the universities of Iran. Maedeh is also the director assistant and co-producer of one of Iran’s most popular podcasts, Yuri On RADIO.

Maedeh has been teaching and mentoring writers in Iran for years. She also has extensive editorial experience and has worked as an editorial assistance for multiple publishers.

“Writing has been my passion and profession for most of my life, so I cannot wait to help other writers succeed and for their stories to be read and heard.”

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