Danai Christopoulou (she/they)

Danai Christopoulou writes mythpunk SFF & Romance inspired by her heritage (Greek, Egyptian, and Romanian) as well as her experiences living abroad as a queer femme person and writer. Forever unable to pick one field of study, Danai takes courses in archeology, history of religions, media and cognitive linguistics at Linnaeus University in Sweden. Danai is represented by Lauren Bieker of FinePrint Literary and her debut novel is currently out on submission.

Danai is a journalist, so she’s been writing and editing non-fiction and managing teams of writers for more than ten years. Since 2019, she’s worked as a ghostwriter and fiction editor for querying and published authors. She has a book on sub, a second one in revisions and she’s not stopping any time soon.

Note: Danai will be co-mentoring with Alexandra Van Belle.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to be part of a writer’s growth, and looking forward to the excitement of collaboratively developing a novel. We’re eager to help other queer writers and so excited to see what wonderful perspectives and fresh ideas we’ll all be bringing to the world.”

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